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Action Kitchen invites you to celebrate...
With family and friends
  • Reunions
  • Holidays
  • Birthdays, anniversaries
  • Girls or boys night out
With your wedding party
  • Showers
  • Bachelor and bachelorette parties
  • Rehearsal dinners
  • Post-wedding celebrations
With your club or group
  • Afternoon or evening entertainments
  • Charity events and fundraisers
Action Kitchen™ in Boston gives you a wonderful way to celebrate life with the people you care about-in a professional kitchen with personal education and instruction from worldclass chefs! From party ideas for birthdays and weddings to one-of-a-kind events for your club, special moments have a new savor when you share them with us.
We've developed two exciting experiences - "Collaborative Cuisine" and "Creative Cookoff" - that you and your group will enjoy even if you have no cooking experience at all.
Both start with a warm welcome from your Action Kitchen host and culinary staff. We'll share a quick overview of the cooking plan, safety tips and rules of the kitchen. Then we'll divide your group into teams and give you your assignments.
  • Collaborative Cuisine

    In this scenario, the emphasis is on the delicious results of teamwork. We'll provide recipe cards based on the menu you've created in advance. Each team works closely with a chef, who instructs and assists your attendees. 
  • Creative Cookoff

    Perfect for groups with a slightly more competitive bent, this scenario leaves the recipe cards at the door. We give each team a market basket full of identical ingredients. Each team plans and prepares its own dishes-with chef instructors by your side for expert advice. Some groups make the event even more fun with special awards for creativity, flavor, taste and more.  Ideally suited for 15 - 30 guests.
Cooking like a big-time chef is tough work . . . but rest easy. If your culinary tasks become a bit too strenuous, dedicated Action Kitchen servers are close at hand with liquid refreshments. Once your meal is ready, you'll enjoy each course with perfectly paired wines and lively conversation.
And if you'd like to make a night or a weekend out of your event, Seaport Hotel is ready with superb accommodations at a deliciously affordable rate.